Baby food

Sterilize and pasteurize babyfoodBabyfood represents an especially sensitive product category where the expectations in terms of taste and organoleptic qualities are at the maximum.

Many producers presently use autoclaves with a rotating system to treat these products with the advantages but also disadvantages related to the rotation. First of all their design does not enable to treat so many products, because of the important position which the rotation system occupies in the tank. Moreover, the products arranged in the centre do not undergo the same movement as those situated at the periphery, which can lead to problems of homogeneity of internal temperature between the different products.

The Rocking System, the system for stirring by rocking, fitted in our STERITECH autoclaves offers a more efficient alternative which avoids these problems. All the products are stirred in the same manner and the heat diffusion hence becomes really homogeneous. For this type of sensitive products, we recommend a Steam /Air heat treatment to ensure an optimum homogenisation of the temperature and an excellent regulation of the back-pressure. You will therefore benefit from a strengthened food security perfectly following the flavours and qualities of foods with total integrity of their packings, from the most solid to the most flexible and fragile.

Recommended STERITECH autoclaves :

VAP'R range:
Steam/Air batch autoclaves, the fastest and most economical on the market, recommended for flexible and fragile packaging

Recommended STERITECH continuous systems :

CHP/CHS range:
continuous pasteurization and sterilization systems with overpressure for large volumes of any kind of products and packaging, by far the most productive and economical on the market