Sterilize and pasteurize meat and meat productsThe consumption of meat is a staple of our diet and therefore a constantly developing market. But beeing rich in proteins and nutrients, meaat is therefore a natural breeding ground for microbes and bacterials. The heat treatment should therefore be as meticulous as possible, but without ever compromising the flavours and organoleptic qualities of these foods or the integrity of their packaging.

All meats can be preserved by heat treatment, except of course fresh and cured meats: foie gras and poultry preserves, cooked ham, Frankfurter type cured sausages, meat dishes in sauce, corned beef and other salty or meat base soup preparations... These types of food are packed in many ways, cans, glass jars, plastic film containers, flexible scoops...

The most important for sterilising and pasteurising meat products is the preservation of the product in order to ensure its freshness without discolouration or loss of taste, by effectively eliminating all pathogenic risks. In addition to the pasteurization or sterilization value, the cooking threshold value is also often sought. We therefore generally recommend a static heat treatment with additional cooling. Our Air / Water suction processes are particularly suitable for a heat treatment of these foods, irrespective of their packaging. And by means of our exclusive patents, you can even continuously pasteurize your meat products in the most fragile and flexible types of packaging.

Recommended STERITECH autoclaves :

VAP'R range:
Steam/Air batch autoclaves, the fastest and most economical on the market, recommended for flexible and fragile packaging

VAP'O range :
Steam/Water spray batch autoclaves, more economical and energy-efficient than full-immersion or water run-off autoclaves

Recommended STERITECH continuous systems :

SerialTower range:
the most compact and economical continuous systems on the market, specifically designed for pasteurizing and sterilizing all products in flexible and fragile packaging

CHP/CHS range:
continuous pasteurization and sterilization systems with overpressure for large volumes of any kind of products and packaging, by far the most productive and economical on the market