Pet food

Sterilize and pasteurize PetfoodAnimal foods consist of animal and vegetable raw materials, vitamins, added minerals and agents for texture and flavour.  These products qualified as wet are available either in pastes with pieces, or under the form of snacks or appetizers in jelly or sauce. They are generally packaged in cans, plastic and aluminium containers or flexible pouches.

The speciality of animal food is that it should have an expiry date as late as possible and therefore is subjected to high sterilising values while keeping the flavours, minerals and vitamins intact with a perfect integrity of all types of packing, including flexible.

STERITECH can optimise the cycle and shorten this in depth treatment by always ensuring an optimum sterilisation. We recommend to you our Steam/ Air processes for ensuring a fast and precise treatment economical in water and energy. The real time regulated back-pressure of our autoclaves and continuous systems will enable sterilisation of all your products irrespective of their packaging.

Recommended STERITECH autoclaves :

VAP'R range:
Steam/Air batch autoclaves, the fastest and most economical on the market, recommended for flexible and fragile packaging

Recommended STERITECH continuous systems :

SerialTower range:
the most compact and economical continuous systems on the market, specifically designed for pasteurizing and sterilizing all products in flexible and fragile packaging

CHP/CHS range:
continuous pasteurization and sterilization systems with overpressure for large volumes of any kind of products and packaging, by far the most productive and economical on the market