Pasteurize and sterilize pharmaceuticalsAmong the different existing methods for sterilisation, the sterilisation with steam is used the most as far as pharmaceutical equipment is concerned and also for packed medicines. Considered as the most reliable, safe and least expensive technique, it should nevertheless meet several very strict standards. For example, only the “B” class sterilisers which according to the European standard ensure the treatment of medical equipment or packed medical products, satisfy the French requirements.

Without talking about medical equipment, textiles and bandages, the majority of packaged medicines and pharmaceutical products are thus sterilised with a Steam /Air autoclave: perfusions, parenteral foods, and injectables, intravenous, ophthalmic or inhalation solutions... They are often packed in flexible pouches, but also in flasks, syringes or plastic or glass ampoules.

STERITECH solutions are perfectly adapted to stringent standards which cover the sterilisation of packaged pharmaceutical products (CE, NF EN 285, NF EN ISO 17665-1...) as well as to different procedures for validation and qualification (DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ…). Our Steam /Air autoclaves or continuous systems have high flexibility which makes them more effective, economic and safer than rival equipment, irrespective of the type of product or packing. Our intelligent back-pressure and our Rocking System will enable you to achieve the required sterilising values faster, constantly and homogeneously while keeping intact the qualities of your products and the integrity of their packaging.

Recommended STERITECH autoclaves :

VAP'R range:
Steam/Air batch autoclaves, the fastest and most economical on the market, recommended for flexible and fragile packaging

Recommended STERITECH continuous systems :

SerialTower range:
the most compact and economical continuous systems on the market, specifically designed for pasteurizing and sterilizing all products in flexible and fragile packaging

CHP/CHS range:
continuous pasteurization and sterilization systems with overpressure for large volumes of any kind of products and packaging, by far the most productive and economical on the market