Sea food

Sterilize and pasteurize seafoodOther than deep-frozen or frozen salted meats, fish, crustaceans and all sea food based preparations are usually sterilized, but in some cases need to be pasteurized. Sterilization of canned fish does not affect the quality of its proteins, but slightly reduces its vitamin content which has the tendency to migrate into the accompanying oil or juice.

Among these sea foods, we hence find canned or fish and crustaceans, terrines, dishes prepared in sauce, crumbs, potted meats, fish soups... These preserves or sometimes semi-preserves are packed in various ways: flat packed or in or conventional cans, glass jars, plastic containers, flexible sachets...

Hence the most popular process for the sea food is a static heat treatment with Steam/Air process. The Rocking System of STERITECH enables to homogenize the heat transfers to ensure a best quality, faster and more economical treatment. The intelligent back-pressure of STERITECH will ensure the total integrity of all your packings, from the strongest to the most flexible, for sterilization as well as pasteurisation with one of our batch autoclaves or one of our continuous systems.

Recommended STERITECH autoclaves :

VAP'R range:
Steam/Air batch autoclaves, the fastest and most economical on the market, recommended for flexible and fragile packaging

Recommended STERITECH continuous systems :

SerialTower range:
the most compact and economical continuous systems on the market, specifically designed for pasteurizing and sterilizing all products in flexible and fragile packaging

CHP/CHS range:
continuous pasteurization and sterilization systems with overpressure for large volumes of any kind of products and packaging, by far the most productive and economical on the market