Autoclaves VAP’O from STERITECH, with steam and water spray


Faster and more economical than the conventional water immersion or run-off autoclaves in the market, the VAP'O batch autoclaves are the most economical solution to sterilise and pasteurise all types of packaged agro-food and pharmaceutical products.

Directly Integrable in any existing environment and compatible with all types of baskets and conveyor or loading systems, the VAP'O autoclaves of STERITECH are designed as an improvement on your present equipment and suitable on all production lines.

A faster heat treatment requiring less water and energy

  • Better thermal control by means of the ultrafine regulation of temperature (±0.5°C), pressure (± 0,003 bar) and quantities of steam and water.
  • Guarantee of the Optimum  Fo value, controlled and adjusted in real time by the Optimal Fo Control
  • The  PowerSpray system vaporises a reduced quantity of water uniformly over the entire surface of the products
  • Faster and more homogenous heat transfers with Rocking System, the patented stirring system
  • Complete integrity guaranteed for all your packaging including flexible, by means of the STERITECH Pack Sensor

Management, control and total traceability… easier, automatic and transparent

  • Touch screen monitor, SCADA or SIEMENS control system and Steriweb software
  • Continuous control of input/output status and real time optimisation of all the parameters
  • Management and integral traceability of all information and data and curves of the last 600 cycles, adjustments, interventions, intrusions, users...
  • Network connection, remote management and automatic download of software  updates
  • Open measurement and control interface, with Ethernet, Profibus and SQL

A completely customised scalable solution

  • Nearly 30 models of different diameters and sizes integrated into any existing environment
  • Your autoclave is entirely assembled, configured, integrated and optimised custom made according to your needs
  • A customised and scalable solution that will fit all your constraints and requirements.

Your products are stored manually or automatically in your conventional baskets (or in your STERITECH baskets having a capacity more than 7%) from your production line by means of our cagers.

Your filled baskets are then loaded in the autoclave by your operators or by means of our automated loading system, with automatic opening of doors.

A faster temperature increase

Once the door is closed, a small quantity of water stored in the base of the autoclave is heated by injection of steam. When the tank temperature rises, the cold air present at the start is purged by the valves situated on top of the tank and leaves room for steam from heating of the pressurised water.

Kept in circulation by a very powerful pump, the hot water is then evaporated on your products by the ramps of the PowerSpray nozzles located at the top and on the sides of the autoclave, at a pressure of 1 bar to avoid any risk of their blocking. This suction system under STERITECH patent is designed to uniformly vaporise the entire surface of your products and hence enables a quicker and more homogenous penetration of heat.

An optimal heat treatment, suitable for all types of products and packages

At each stage of the cycle, the SteriControl software automatically adjusts the amounts of water and steam as well as temperature, with an absolute precision respecting the program or the recipe in progress. Our exclusive Online Fo Control allows you to sterilize or pasteurize your products according to a programmed Fo value, the probes and sensors automatically adjusting all the parameters according to the temperature measured at the heart of your products.

The initial calibration performed by means of the PackSensor adjusts the back pressure in proportion with the temperature and ensures complete integrity of your packaging. The patented stirring system, RockingSystem, accelerates and standardizes the transfer of heat to the heart of the products, regardless of the density or viscosity. Temperatures, pressures and counter-pressure will thus rapidly reach the values required to pasteurize or sterilize your products.

A cooling which preserves all the flavors and qualities of your products

Once the pasteurization or sterilization is performed, cold water is mixed precisely with the hot water from the tank to spray the products and gradually lower the temperature without risk of thermal shock. By means of a heat exchanger, the hot water from the tank can be cooled without being mixed with cold water, avoiding any external contamination.

Temperatures, pressures and counter-pressure always regulated in real time by the SteriControl software will reduce quickly. Our patented stirring system, RockingSystem, ensures uniform cooling within your products and the initial calibration performed by the PackSensor lowers the backpressure to the closest degree according to the internal temperature. Your most sensitive products hence retain all their flavors, colours, and organoleptic qualities and your most flexible and fragile packaging always remains perfectly integrated.


The traditional water runoff or immersion autoclaves found in the market have many drawbacks. In terms of consumption, the volume of water they need but also time and energy needed to heat and cool these large amounts of water are very important cost factors.

They also present certain risks of homogeneity of heat treatment, with difficulty to obtain a really uniform quality for all products stored in the tank. Indeed, the water which runs off loses its heat in contact with the products that it heats and does not uniformly treat all products in all areas of the tank. Clearly and without even mentioning the problems of umbrella effect, the above products will be heated well before those at the bottom.

The Steam / Water Sprinkling technology of STERITECH solves these problems and enables you to reduce the cost and time of pasteurization or sterilization of your products, irrespective of their packaging.

A faster and more efficiently heat treatment with quite less water

By means of the PowerSpray vaporization, the quantity of water is 2 to 3 times less than with immersion or water run-off autoclaves. The exclusive design of these nozzles, the pressure of 1 bar and their arrangement in ramps at the top and on the sides of our tanks can enable to more uniformly treat all products and their surface.

A technology less energy intensive than conventional autoclaves

Less water needed to obtain a perfect result means less energy to heat that water. Moreover the injection of steam into water enables heating it much faster and with less energy than a conventional heating system. Finally the ultra-precise and real-time regulation of temperatures (± 0.5 ° C), pressures (± 0.003 bar) and quantities of water and steam helps to minimize the consumption of our autoclaves, while respecting to the nearest decimal the values required at each stage of the cycle.

An absolute control, traceability and security

Our SteriControl software solution enables the automatic control and real-time adjustment of all parameters, making your operations of pasteurization and sterilization faster, simpler and more transparent with full security. Coupled with the Optimal Fo Control and with initial PackSensor calibration, any deformation of packaging and any temperature deviation at the heart of your product compared to the theoretical values programmed are instantly corrected. While you can always act on all parameters, no intervention on your part is required and you are always informed about the field of corrections provided by the system.

  • Suitable for flexible packaging
  • Capacities : 179 to 3000 kg/hour
  • Required ground space: 6 to 21 m2
  • 10% faster*
  • 10% less consumption*
    * compared to classical water run-off autoclaves

Plus products

Technical details

  • Stainless steel tanks and shelves of diameter 1200 to 2000 mm and  2000 to 11000 mm long
  • Capacity from 1 to 12 baskets
  • Available in  1 or 2 manual or automatic doors
  • Removal of products from the front or the back
  • SteriControl Software with touch screen monitor and SCADA or SIEMENS system
  • Real time control of all parameters
  • View and logging of curves and recipes
  • Processing from a programmed F0 value
  • PID Regulation of temperature and pressure
  • Self-diagnostic, remote maintenance and updates
  • Windows 2000, WinCC, MySQL, Profibus, Ethernet
  • CE, TUV, SVTI, ASME  Certifications