Autoclaves Vap'R from STERITECH, with steam and air pressure


The STERITECH Steam / Air autoclaves are the most efficient, fastest and economical on the market, designed to sterilize and pasteurize all types of packaged products: meats and sausages, baby foods, ready-to-serve dishes, fruits and vegetables, animal food...

Particularly suitable for all foods in flexible and fragile packaging, our VAP'R autoclaves show lower consumption by 30% than traditional water runoff or immersion autoclaves, with a cycle time reduced by over 25%.

Compatible with all conveyor, loading and unloading systems, they accept all your existing baskets and integrate them directly on any existing production line.

Exceptional heat treatment, the fastest and most economical on the market

  • Heating of injected air for a faster and more economical increase in heat
  • Reverse flow forced fan turbine, for maximum distribution of heat
  • Optimum thermal control by means of ultrafine regulation of temperatures (±0.5°C), pressure    (± 0.003 bar) and steam and water quantities
  • Guarantee to respect the optimum  Fo value with real time adjustment by Online Fo Control
  • Rocking System, a shaking system for homogenous and fast heat transfer
  • Complete integrity with all your flexible and fragile packaging  by means of STERITECH Pack Sensor

Unparalleled safety and ease of operation

  • SCADA or SIEMENS control system with touch screen  and SteriControl software
  • Real time optimisation of parameters, temperatures (+/- 0.5°C) and pressure (+/- 30 mbar)
  • Ultra-precise regulation of quantities of steam, compressed air and water
  • No risk of thermal shock or expansion of air
  • Permanent control of all data and parameters, display of curves and recipes in progress with logging of the last 600 cycles
  • Network connection, in-line management and automatic download of software  updates
  • Open measurement and control interface, with Ethernet, Profibus and SQL

A scalable solution customised to your needs

  • More than 30 models of different diameters, sizes and capacities
  • Customised design, assembly, configuration, integration and optimisation

Placed in basket manually or automatically by means of our cagers, your products are loaded in the STERITECH VAP'R autoclave by your operators, or directly from your production line by means of our conveyers and automatic loading and unloading systems.

A faster and very economical temperature increase

Once the baskets are loaded and the autoclave door closed, steam is injected from the bottom to purge the air present in the tank and establish a perfectly uniform temperature. Analysing the information sent in real time by the temperature and pressure sensors, the PID regulator adjusts precisely the injection of steam in the autoclave and guarantees the rise in temperature in phase with the program of the recipe in progress.

The patented TurboFan forced ventilation system ensures an optimum and homogenous distribution of heat in all the zones of the autoclave. Its unique design enables to blow steam very powerfully and give it an accurate path covering all the products present in the autoclave.

A more homogenous and effective heat treatment

Pasteurization or sterilization values are reached very quickly, easily and safely. The back pressure is also monitored and controlled in real time to prevent any distortion of the packaging. On one hand the STERITECH Pressure Preheating System preheats the air under pressure to the same temperature as that of the tank, excluding any risk of thermal shock and accelerating the rise in temperature and treatment of your products. To simplify all and to ensure an absolute safety, the Optimal Fo Control enables to pasteurise or sterilise your products according to a programmed Fo value which is automatically adjusted by the SteriControl software at each step of the cycle.

A quicker cooling with very little water

Once your products are pasteurised or sterilised, they will be cooled quickly. The condensates in the bottom of the autoclave are recycled by a very powerful pump, mixed with cold water then vaporised on the products by the ramps located at the top and/or on the 2 sides of the autoclave. The SteriControl software adjusts the cold water mixture in real time according to the temperature measured in the tank, to accelerate the speed of cooling while economising on the significant quantities of water.

Our forced aeration turbine also accelerates the cooling and guarantees homogeneity of temperature at the heart of your products with the Rocking System. The initial calibration performed by means of the PackSensor reduces the back pressure proportionally to the temperature to guarantee perfect integrity of your packing. The cooling thus accelerated enables to achieve significant economy in water and energy.



The Classical Steam Air technology is recognized as being more effective and economical than the immersion or water runoff technologies. Firstly, the heat treatment by steam requires only a very small amount of water because its volume in gaseous form is 1600 times higher than in liquid form. But above all, the steam has a heat exchange capacity by far much higher than that of water, yielding fast to its thermal load of products to be treated by condensing it. The time and energy to pasteurize or sterilize your food with a Steam / Air autoclave are thus considerably reduced.

The Steam Air autoclaves in the market nevertheless have several drawbacks affecting the quality, speed and cost of treatment, which the STERITECH VAP'R autoclaves have managed to overcome: the risk of cold spots, difference in temperatures depending on the locations of the tank, uniformity of temperature or internal pressure between the products according to their location, even the differences within the same product...

A quality treatment with consumption reduced to its simplest expression

At the beginning of the cycle, the residual air is completely purged until no cold zone remains and that the heat of saturated steam is fully distributed in the tank. The back pressure naturally more dense than steam does not stagnant anymore at the bottom of the tank as in many autoclaves thanks to the patented pre-heating system that injects air at the same temperature as steam. With a miscibility thus maximized, the back pressure reacts instantly to the slightest variations in temperature and ensures complete integrity of your packages with less water and energy.

The most uniform and homogenous thermal diffusion of the market

Unlike conventional ventilation systems, our forced ventilation turbine does not pulse the steam but sucks it from one end to another of the tank to direct its flow perfectly on all products. This exclusive innovation avoids the problems of turbulence of competitive ventilation systems and eliminates any risk of cold spots. Driving back the steam sucked from its starting point according to the principle of a plate aerodynamics enables to control the flow direction and accelerate the transfer of heat to the core, for heating as well as for cooling.

Suitable for moist environments, the TurboFan provides circulation of steam and air under pressure, as well as condensed water projected on your products for faster cooling. This optimal thermal enables to reduce your cycle time and your consumptions of water and energy very significantly.

An intelligent automatic system of simplicity, reliability and total safety

The SteriControl software ensures an automatic operation always perfectly in phase with the program or the recipe that you have selected. With the Optimal Fo Control, all you have to do is to enter a Fo value and the system handles everything to heat or cool your products to the closest degree and to avoid any deterioration of colour, flavour or texture of sensitive foods.

The different probes and sensors judiciously placed continuously measure the temperatures, internal pressures and back pressures, out of which the PID regulator corrects the lowest deviations in real timeThe fine tuning of each parameter ensures high quality treatment, markedly faster and saving of water and energy. Everything is automatic, but you still remain the master of the game by being informed of everything that happens: recipes in progress, history of last 600 cycles, deviations detected and corrective action initiated, traceability of products...

  • Recommended for flexible packagings
  • Faster and economic treatment
  • Capacities : 196 to 3000 kg/hour
  • Required floor space : 6 to 21 m2
  • 25% faster*
  • 30% less consumption*
    * compared to conventional water run-off autoclaves

Plus products

Technical details

  • Stainless steel tanks and shelves of diameter 1200 to 2000 mm and  1200 to 11000 mm long
  • Capacity from 1 to 12 baskets
  • Available in  1 or 2 manual or automatic doors
  • Removal of products from the front or the back
  • SteriControl Software with touch screen monitor and SCADA or SIEMENS controls
  • Real time control of all parameters
  • View and logging of curves and recipes
  • Treatment from a programmed F0 value
  • PID Regulation of temperature and pressure
  • Self-diagnostic, remote maintenance and updates
  • Windows 2000, WinCC, MySQL, Profibus, Ethernet
  • CE, TUV, SVTI, ASME  Certifications