A World of Preservation

Increasing your productivity and profitability with less water and energy, preserving the organoleptic qualities of your food and ensuring the integrity of your most flexible and fragile packagings...

The STERITECH company

STERITECH leader in continuous sterilization and pasteurizationSince its creation in 1988, the company STERITECH S.A. has quickly established as the world leader for innovation in the techniques for canning of food and pharmaceutical products.

Designer, manufacturer and integrator of for automated and intelligent solutions for sterilisation and pasteurisation, STERITECH brings to your service the competencies and the know-how of professionals with background in agro-food or packaging and of engineers who are experts in their respective fields: thermal, hydraulic, pneumatic engineering, automatism, sheet metal working, electro-mechanics and industrial informatics and also marketing, trade service or after-sales service.

"A World of Preservation"

We provide you with the best means to preserve your resources and the environment by designing the innovative systems which meet the needs of agro-food and pharmaceutical industries at all points and which benefit from a clear economic and ecological superiority over competitive technological solutions.

Based above all on human values, the passion for work of precision and a sense of service, our know-how unique to the world has enabled  to develop sustainable and successful partnerships at the international level, meeting with relevance to ambitious specifications surpassing all requirements in terms of productivity and savings.

It is this world of preservation that we share everyday with our clients, by increasing their ratings, profits and advantages in a really amazing manner. Contact us to obtain free a costing for tens or even hundreds of thousands of Euros which you can save each year by replacing your current equipment with our autoclaves or continuous systems for sterilisation or pasteurisation with back-pressure.