Eco-InnovationAward winner of the Eco-Innovation program in 2010, STERITECH has benefited from the technical and financial assistance from the European Community to industrialize and bring to the market an innovative system for continuous heat treatment.

The Sterilis project

Through constant innovation, STERITECH develops in 2009 a new method to continuously sterilize or pasteurize all types of foods and beverages in flexible packaging. Tested in real conditions, the prototype designed by STERITECH proved its abilities to significantly reduce water and energy consumptions, floor space and labor.

More flexible, productive and profitable, the STERITECH invention selected by Eco-Innovation in 2010 under the name Project Sterilis, obtained the maximum support and budget to ensure its successful market launch and its first implementation on a production site.

In 2011, the Sterilis project gives birth to the SerialTower range and to its Inline Overpressure technology. Success is immediately there and the first system delivered and installed runs into production mid-2012. A success that STERITECH owes as much to its innovative and industrialization capabilities, as to the close involvement and financial support of Eco-Innovation.

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Eco-InnovationCIPEco-innovation is an initiative of the European Community which falls under the Competitiveness and Innovation Program (CIP) aimed to improve the competitiveness and innovation of European companies, mainly SMEs

This program is designed for companies which have developed an innovative environmental product, service, process or practice, already proven but not yet marketable due to residual risks.

With a total budget of around 200 million € for the years 2008 to 2013, Eco Innovation helps selected companies to industrialize and market innovations considered as major. The objective is to ensure that these innovations are properly launched on the market.

Thanks to the Sterilis Project which led to the SerialTower range, STERITECH is the only manufacturer of autoclaves and continuous systems in the world selected and awarded by Eco-Innovation.

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