STERITECH references

Quality and innovation are our principles, many brands trust us

Since its creation, STERITECH SA has won the trust of many companies worldwide, by providing the best solutions to their most complex needs. Our ability to create, integrate and render reliable equipment that actually earning tens or even hundreds of thousands of Euros each year against equipment of current competitors, have of course attracted most of the industry leaders.

More and more companies of renown use our equipment every day in order to guarantee consistent quality for their products, produce more, faster and much cheaper:

Appel Feinkost Bauern Gut Bell Bischofszell
Buss Campbell's Cecab Claude Leger
Deuerer Enitiaa Fresenius Kabi Georges Bruck
Groupe ISA Heristo Kraft Procordia Food
Provimi Petfood Saturn Petfood SIG Deuerer Petcare France
Wild Indag Fleury Michon

La révolution SerialTower®

Le système continu de stérilisation et pasteurisation avec contrepression le plus compact et économique au monde, pour toutes quantités ou tailles d'entreprise...