Sustainable Development

Sustainable DevelopmentSteritech is an ethically responsible company, committed to better suit the needs of the present generation without compromising those of future generations.

Steritech is committed to sustainable development since its foundation, with its corporate values based on resource preservation and environmental protection.

Economic, Ecological and Social Responsibility

We invent since 25 years always more productive and efficient equipment, able to produce more and save tens of thousands of Euros every year. We constantly improve our procedures, methods and techniques to maintain our strong technological edge and remain at the forefront of innovation. We also work for equality between people and adopt an ethically responsible approach in all our relationships with others.

Support to fair trade

Steritech supports Maï Savanh Lao, a fair trade company producing tea and natural silk fabrics in Laos.

Founded in 2000 by French doctors with the help of an NGO, its goal is to revitalize the tradition of silk which became marginal and provide new sources of income for people in rural areas.

Philippe and Elizabeth Schmidt, an Alsatian surgeon and his wife have started by distributing to the Laotian villagers mulberry plants and equipment for rearing silkworms, then by setting up a microcredit and a training center as well. They continue today their humanitarian and solidarity action within Maï Savanh Lao.

Mai Savanh Laos