CHP and CHS, the new generation of continuous hydrostatic systems


The CHP and CHS from STERITECH, two worldwide innovations, revolutionise the pasteurisation and sterilisation in large quantity of packed agro-food and pharmaceutical products. Speed, removal of waiting time, enhanced food safety and significant reduction of manpower, floor space and water and energy consumption, make the most innovative, efficient and economical continuous systems with overpressure till date on the market

Capable of treating rigid packaging as well as the most flexible and fragile ones, the CHP and CHS from STERITECH are meant for all agro food and pharmaceutical industries and meet all their requirements for sterilisation and flash or core pasteurization: ready-to-eat dishes, animal feed, sausages, soups, sauces, baby food...

The continuous Cook-Chill solution with overpressure which revolutionizes the market

First continuous Cook-Chill system with overpressure in the world meant for large volume and high speed pasteurization of products packed in flexible and fragile packing, the Continuous Hydrostatic Pasteurizer offers by far the most significant yield in square meters and the highest productivity in the market. The Continuous Hydrostatic Sterilizer has the same advantages in pasteurization but also allows sterilization of all your products irrespective of the type of packing.

Most compact, large volume, economical and profitable systems in the market

No more gigantic installations with huge investments, by means of CHP and CHS, pasteurizing and sterilizing in large quantities and very high speed requires just a small amount of floor space and a considerably reduced height. The savings and gains in production floor space, manpower, water and electricity consumptions generated by STERITECH's Continuous Hydrostatic systems result in significant and sizeable financial savings for our clients.

Multi-products and packagings, an incomparable flexibility till date

Completely automatic but also faster, more flexible, more economic and compact than any rival autoclave, the CHP and CHS systems fom STERITECH are the only ones in the world to be multi-product and multi-packaging. Not only the temperature, natural pressure and overpressure can now be controlled and adjusted in real time in each column, but the duration of exposure to heat treatment can now also be modulated according to the requirements or the nature of the product and its packaging, without interrupting the cycle in progress or modifying the input and output speed of the products.

A global exclusivity of STERITECH which pushes the limits of conventional hydrostatic technology and places our systems with overpressure at the top of the market, far ahead of the competition


Our Overpressure Hydrostatic systems consist of 3 compartments, one for raising the temperature and one for cooling composed of several hydrostatic columns and separated by one central compartment for putting under pressure and heat treatment.

An integrated automatic system for conveyor system, loading and unloading ensures the link with your production lines.

A gradual rise in heat, optimised to maximum

Your products are automatically loaded in our Flexi-Cassette swing trays, designed for maximising the distribution of heat within the products. Conveyed by an endless chain, they are immersed in water in each column and then raised to the next column. Their internal temperature and pressure increases during their progression in the successive columns till the central compartment. By means of several probes and sensors, the system optimises in real time the temperature and back-pressure in each column to accelerate the transfer of heat in your products and to prevent any deformation of the packaging.

A multi-product and multi-packaging heat treatment

Once heated, the products enter the central compartment at temperatures and pressures desired for pasteurization or sterilization. They are first immersed in hot water and then carried to the top between ramps of PowerSpray nozzles fitted on the sides of the vessel. The overpressure is adjusted in real time to protect your most flexible packaging at the time of pasteurisation or sterilisation by accelerating and standardising the treatment.

Our exclusive VariFlex Chain patent now allows you to treat your different products with a single installation, more compact, profitable and economic than any other solution on the market. The ability to modify the path and therefore the duration of exposure to the treatment based on the specifics of each product, without altering their input or output speed and with low height columns, gives to this unique and most compact system in the world an undoubtable efficiency. 

An accelerated cooling down to 3°C, which recycles the accumulated calories

Once pasteurised or sterilised, the products are sprayed with cold water in each cooling column where they are successively immersed. The temperatures and pressures go up rapidly but reduce gradually to 3°C. The precise regulation of temperatures and back-pressures in each column allows accelerating and homogenising the cooling till the heart of your products. Our principle of  countercurrent cooling finally enables to recycle the calories and achieve significant saving of energy


In a conventional hydrostatic system, a product immersed in a column of water undergoes an internal pressure which increases with its temperature. The overpressure exerted by the water column balances the internal pressure but needs a significant height of water. Taking into account the high temperatures and pressures in sterilisation or pasteurization, the conventional system is a very expensive installation of at least 15 to 25 meters of height. An oversized hydrostatic system for treating all types of products has also proved less profitable and far too costly.

The Hydrostatic Overpressure technology from Steritech eliminates these disadvantages and offers a real flexibility for continuously sterilising or pasteurising all types of products and packaging, including flexible packaging.

An ultra-compact and economical modular system

Unlike the conventional hydrostatic systems, the compactness and modularity of our CHP and CHS systems allows to achieve the pasteurisation or sterilisation values with a restricted height and limited number of columns. The succession of our heating and cooling elements allows distribution of the pressure to reduce the height of columns. In general, 5 to 7 columns of only 5 to 8 meters in height are sufficient to economically treat your products.

With the most significant performances on the market, which are upto 17 tons per hour on only 32 m2 of ground space, our Hydrostatic Overpressure systems enable significant savings in energy consumption, manpower and financial cost.

A multi-product flexibility unique in the world

The exclusive patented system VariFlex of STERITECH enables you to modify the path and therefore the treatment time of your products, without altering the input and output speed of your production line. This major innovation presently brings to the Hydrostatic Overpressure technology an incomparable flexibility.

You can now pasteurise or sterilise your different ranges of products in packaging at high speed with a single and unique system, moreover the most compact and efficient in the market today. Meant for the most significant productions, the Hydrostatic Overpressure technology enables you to achieve exceptional savings in water and energy.

Continuously pasteurising and sterilising all types of packaging

The real time regulation of temperatures and pressures in each column ensures an optimal thermal exchange and diffusion without any loss of pressure or steam and with minimum water and energy. Gradually heated then pasteurised or sterilised under back-pressure and water suction, before being quickly cooled, your products also preserve all their organoleptic qualities and even their most flexible  and fragile packagings always remaining perfectly integrated.

  • Continuous Cook-Chill with overpressure
  • Recommended for flexible and fragile packaging
  • Most economical hydrostatic system on the market
  • Most compact hydrostatic system in the world
  • Capacities : 1000 to 17000 kg/hour
  • Core cooling down to 3°C
  • Overpressure up to 1 bar
  • Required ground space : 16 to 32 m2
  • 35 % faster*
  • 50 % less consumption*
    * Compared to conventional water run-off autoclaves

Plus products

Technical details

  • Thermostatic columns of 4000 to 8000 mm height
  • Continuous loading and unloading from your lines
  • Entry and exit of products from front or back
  • SteriControl software with touch screen monitor
  • Real time control of all parameters
  • Traceability of lots with DataMatrix tracking code
  • Viewing and logging of curves and recipes
  • Self-diagnostic, remote maintenance and updates
  • Windows 2000, WinCC, MySQL, Profibus, Ethernet
  • Certifications CE, TUV, SVTI, ASME