Continuous sterilisation and pasteurisation with overpressure for flexible packages


The SerialTower is the first continuous system with back pressure on the market specifically designed to pasteurize and sterilize all types of flexible and fragile packed products, from small quantities to more significant quantities.

Ideal for replacing 2 to 3 autoclaves or as many batch retorts as necessary, this ultra-compact continuous system with overpressure now enables companies of all sizes to automatise their production line with an unparalleled performance, efficiency, safety and economy of water and energy, on the market.

Its innovative technology has earned SerialTower the support of Eco-Innovation for its clear economical and ecological superiority over all the autoclaves and continuous systems on the market.

Eco-Innovation and the CIPFruit of the Sterilis Project, the SerialTower range was funded by the European Community, as part of the Eco-Innovation initiative from the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (CIP).

New SerialTower 2013, a continuous Cook-Chill version with overpressure to cook and chill up to 3°C

  • More efficient, the overpressure can now be adjusted independently in each tower from 0.1 to 2 bars
  • Safer, it provides the perfect integrity of all pouches and film-covered trays with a headspace
  • More flexible, it offers the greatest variety of cooking tables and adapts to all kinds of food
  • Ultra-compact, it also includes an automated conveyor for the return of empty trays

This Cook & Chill version ensures a longer shelf life and better preservation of the organoleptic qualities of your food.

The highest performance, simplicity and energy savings on the market

  • No more baskets to load / unload, manpower, waiting time or cold storage, your products are automatically treated and returned in a continuous flow, at the pace of your production line
  • A reduction in consumption of water by 33%, steam by 23% and energy by 15% compared to an  immersion or water run-off autoclave
  • The best performance and the least ground space on the market, 35% smaller than a conventional autoclave solution with equivalent capacity
  • A demonstrated performance and energy savings, earning it the support of Eco-Innovation

A continuous technology dedicated to flexible and pliable packaging

  • The best of the Steam and Water suction autoclave technologies of STERITECH meet in an ultra-compact vertical continuous system with overpressure, adapted to all types, shapes and sizes of flexible packaging
  • Optimum heat exchanges, by means of the back pressure which guarantees the perfect preservation of the organoleptic qualities of foods and the complete integrity of flexible and pliable packaging

Management, control and total traceability

  • Real time control and optimisation of all the parameters of cycles, sensors, input/output status...
  • Management and total traceability of all the information, data, recipes, curves of the last 600 cycles, adjustments, interventions, intrusions, users, alerts...
  • Network connection, remote management, self-maintenance and automatic download of updates by means of a open measurement and control Interface, with Ethernet, Profibus and  SQL



Supported by Eco-Innovation for its clear superiority compared to all the conventional autoclaves and systems in the market, the SerialTower continuous system of STERITECH is particularly suitable for flexible packaged products and foods.

Its exclusive technology enables you to increase your productivity and achieve savings in water and energy till a level never reached yet, while ensuring a perfect preservation of tastes and organoleptic qualities of your foods and a complete integrity of the most flexible and fragile packaging.

A faster heat treatment, more productive and economical than any existing solution

The system integrated with SerialTower ensures continuous loading of your products on trays carriers and routes them to the first airlock under pressure. With balanced pressure, our Autoload trays are automatically loaded at the bottom of the heating tank, already pressurized and at the right temperature. Because unlike a conventional autoclave, ideal conditions of temperature and pressure are maintained constantly in each tank. A very small amount of water stored in the bottom of the tank is continuously heated by steam injection, while recycling the condensates. Water and energy savings are therefore incommensurable compared with other conventional systems on the market which require heating and cooling every time.

A heating phase optimised to its smallest detail

The ramps of PowerSpray nozzles located on both sides of the tank spray the products at a pressure of 1 bar, covering the entire surface evenly throughout their ascencion in the tank. The overpressure accelerates and homogenizes the diffusion and transfer of heat, whereas multiple sensors arranged judiciously adjust this overpressure in real time to prevent any distortion of the packaging. At the top of tank, the products which have gradually reached the pasteurization or sterilization temperature are then fully treated and appear at the entrance to the second tank (or in front of the intermediate airlock on the Cook-Chill version).

An intermediate airlock optimizing the overpressure on the SerialTower Cook-Chill version

The pressurized airlock located between the two towers of the SerialTower Cook-Chill version now allows to adjust the overpressure from 0.1 to 2 bar, independently in each tower. The products leaving the heating tower enter into this airlock which progressively reduces the overpressure to the required cooling values. Once the overpressure is balanced, the airlock opens to the other side and products automatically enter into the cooling tower. The overpressure is therefore perfectly optimized during each stage of cooking and cooling, thus ensuring the perfect integrity of all flexible packaging, even the most fragile ones.

A fast and economical cooling phase

Automatically loaded into the cooling tank, the plates begin their descent by being sprayed with cold water stored in the second tank. PowerSpray ramps located throughout the height of the tank accelerate and homogenize the cooling of products throughout their descent. Reaching down, the products are perfectly cooled to the set temperatures and appear at the exit airlock where they enter automatically. Upon opening the airlock, the products are automatically unloaded onto the output conveyor and returned to your production line.


The agro-food industry uses more and more flexible packaging such as pouches or containers instead of solid glass or aluminum packaging, to reduce the size and weight of containers, hence the cost of storage, transportation and recycling. Flexible packaging is also particularly suited for food and ready-to-eat dishes; the market is growing very strongly in recent years.

But the heat treatment for preservation of foods and removal of any risk of bacterial contamination or pathogens is by nature the single most energy intensive and expensive factor of the agro-food processing chain. The current horizontal autoclaves are heavy consumers of water, energy, floor space and labor, because the products must be loaded in baskets, some in cold storage, transferred to the autoclaves, heated and cooled every time with hundreds of liters of water, unloaded in the baskets ...

After more than 10 years of research regarding continuous sterilization and pasteurization, the Inline Overpressure technology of STERITECH SerialTower provides the solution to these problems.

Total automation and enhanced food safety

By removing the baskets to be loaded and unloaded, the waiting time, cold storage and unnecessary handling, the Inline Overpressure technology offers a front rank food safety and considerably reduces the workforce. An integrated conveyor system enables to load and unload your products directly from your production lines, fully automatically or semi-automatically. Unlike traditional autoclaves which have horizontal tanks, our tanks are arranged vertically to save valuable floor space and significantly increase your productivity and performance.

The end of energy-intensive systems

The Inline Overpressure technology of STERITECH relies on 2 vertical tanks, one dedicated to heating and the other to cooling, connected and isolated from each other by an ingenious system of water curtain. The housing of the system sealed by the pressurized entry and exit airlocks, enables the treatment of your products under back pressure and constantly maintains the ideal conditions of temperature and pressure in each tank. Thus avoiding heating and then cooling at loading, you will achieve unprecedented savings in water and energy.

A unique model of continuous Cook-Chill system with overpressure

The Cook-Chill version SerialTower which cools down to 3°C features an additional pressurization airlock located between the two towers. This airlock allows to adjust the overpressure independently in the heating and cooling towers from 0.1 to 2 bars. The overpressure thus optimized to the maximum accelerates the cooking and cooling while ensuring a total integrity of all flexible packaging, even the most fragile ones. Specially designed for pouches and film-covered trays that have a headspace, this continuous Cook-Chill system offers the greatest flexibility and allows the widest variety of cooking tables on the market.

  • Continuous Cook-Chill with overpressure
  • Rewarded by Eco-Innovation
  • Dedicated to flexible and fragile packagings
  • Lowest ground space in the market
  • Capacities : 1000 to 3000 kg/hour
  • Core cooling down to 3°C
  • Overpressure from 0.1 to 2 bars
  • Required floor space: 30 m2
  • 30 % faster*
  • 40 % less consumption*
    * Compared to conventional water run-off autoclaves

Plus products

Technical details

  • Stainless steel tanks and shelves of diameter 2000 mm and 5000 to 9000 mm high
  • Continuous loading and unloading
  • Removal of waiting time
  • Air lock for input/output pressurisation
  • Intermediate pressurized airlock
    (Cook-Chill model)
  • Removal of products from the front or the back
  • SteriControl Software with touch screen monitor and SCADA or SIEMENS system
  • Real time control of all parameters
  • View and logging of curves and recipes
  • Treatment from a programmed F0 value
  • PID Regulation of temperature and pressure
  • Self-diagnostic, remote maintenance and updates
  • Windows 2000, WinCC, MySQL, Profibus, Ethernet
  • CE, TUV, SVTI, ASME  Certifications