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Factory of the Future - Industry 4.0...

... and increase your productivity without changing autoclaves!


With TRILOGY, it's possible!


Here's why:

  • Since its creation in 1988, STERITECH has been constantly innovating to boost your profitability and guarantee your development in an increasingly competitive world.
  • In collaboration with agri-food industrialists throughout the world, STERITECH has identified 3 main reasons for loss of yield:
    • control errors
    • lack of reliability of machinery and maintenance-safety
    • lack of real-time information, making immediate reactions impossible.
  • With its experience in intelligent steering systems, STERITECH has developed, since 2014, a new MES (Manufacturing Execution System) in order to ensure high productivity gains in complete safety.
  • Named TRILOGY, this software consists of 3 “suites” to help your managers comfortably handle their daily tasks.

    Find out how...



  • intuitive ergonomics and handling to minimize training time and control errors.
  • a single IPC to simultaneously control several autoclaves or continuous sterilization/pasteurization systems
  • an alert sent in real time if an adjustment is needed

  Safe operators, products and equipment (“Look and Feel”)



  • an environment specifically designed for maintenance staff
  • a comprehensive and permanent view of the state of your equipment
  • a maintenance schedule with actions to be taken for each of your autoclaves or continuous systems
  • an interactive, evolving schedule plan that can even send and retrieve alert messages remotely
  • a detailed explanation for each operation to be carried out with specific safety instructions and even assistance for ordering spare parts !

 Your equipment : always 100% reliable and operational



  • an environment designed specifically for managers
  • creating, optimizing and managing revenue with practically infinite personalization potential.
  • analysis, management and storage of all production / process data, with a very high level of traceability
  • real-time access to production data, equipment performance and energy consumption.
  • the possibility of analytical accounting: price calculation of a product’s selling price, yield of a production line, etc...

     All data immediately available for efficient, reliable and safe management

   “Best of all”:

With the TRILOGY Link option, you can even view and control all the parameters of your line remotely from your smartphone or tablet !

As you can see, TRILOGY fits perfectly in the context of Industry 4.0 :

  • machine interconnection both inside and outside production sites
  • information available instantly and safely
  • flexibility of production units

for a enhanced production, while respecting the environment and the safety of operators, products and machines.

Convinced ?

Then enter the 4.0 era with STERITECH and TRILOGY:

Production suite

Maintenance suite

Management suite

Trilogy Link option