The PowerCool'R, latest of the STERITECH range, is a cooling tunnel specially designed to reduce temperature at the core of the food after pasteurisation in our Vap'O and Vap'R autoclaves.

One of the advantages of PowerCool'R is its capacity to cool your products instead of inside the autoclave from 60 °C down to 4 or 6 °C. Our studies have shown that the cumulative time for  the temperature to rise from 60 °C to the pasteurisation level and then to cool down again to 60 ° is always universally equivalent to the cooling time from 60 °C till 4 to 6 °C, regardless of the type, weight or form of the products.

Thus freeing the autoclave to treat the next batch earlier, the PowerCool'R increases your production capacities significantly without additional floor space. Our cooling tunnel is actually superimposed on top of your current autoclaves, if you do not want to install them at the side.

A unique design which saves time and money

The PowerCool'R cooling tunnel has a structure entirely made of stainless steel, with insulation panels of 45 to 50 mm thickness, and its different integrated mechanical elements like the chain transport system are designed in the same top-of-the-range material. It comes in cylindrical or square version of different sizes, containing 2 to 6 baskets and closed by 1 or 2 electrical curtains.

The inner enclosure is dotted with PowerSpray nozzles that spray cold water on your products at a pressure of 1 bar, preventing any risk of contamination and ensuring a quick and perfectly homogenous cooling operation. As soon as the next cycle ends in the autoclave that of PowerCool'R also ends, both of them are again ready to treat the next lots. The time you save is simply amazing.

Automatised and Intelligent

PowerCool'R is very easy to operate tahnks to the SteriControl Advanced control and supervision system. It always loads at the beginning of the cycle all the pasteurization data to ensure a perfect  cooling synergy and a full traceability for each batch of products: temperatures, pressures and interventions at each stage of pasteurization and also temperatures and interventions at different stages of cooling. The PowerCool'R as our autoclaves Vap'O and Vap’R is furthermore completely automated and compatible with all types of automatic systems for conveying, loading and unloading connected to your production lines.