Baskets and trolleys

STERITECH offers you different types of baskets and trolleys specially designed to simplify your handling and optimize the heat treatment of your products.

The STERITECH baskets, made of stainless steel wire, have a retractable side which enables easier loading of shelves supporting your products.

Available in different sizes depending on the diameter of the VAP'O or VAP'R autoclaves that you use, our baskets offer an optimized storage space which can contain the largest number of products possible.

Our trolleys allow the transportation of baskets and are equipped with a specially designed wheel system to automatise their movement on rails or to handle them more freely by hand.


Shelves and separators

The STERITECH shelves are made of stainless steel and are available in several heights to accommodate all your products, including the most sensitive, such as those packaged in flexible pouches.

The innovative design of our shelves enables you to always stack them with two possible storage heights. Indeed, their legs resting on the bottom tray have an intermediary screen, which leans at mid-height on the lower shelf when the upper-one is horizontally rotated by 180 °. The two different heights of storage with the same STERITECH shelf offer greater flexibility of stacking according to the size and dimensions of your products.

Made of 3 mm thick polypropylene, our separators are scattered with a multitude of holes, with number and dimensions perfectly studied based on the type of product processed. Their exclusive design hence optimizes heat transfer during treatment and removes the umbrella effect.


Cagers and decagers

STERITECH offers different models of cagers and decagers suitable for different sizes of STERITECH baskets that you use. Compatible and integrated with any existing production environment, they ensure the loading and unloading of shelves or baskets carrying the products.

Our cagers / decagers are equipped with a lifting system which places the first shelf at the loading level above the basket and then lowers it when loaded by stacking the next shelf ready to receive, always at loading level. This lifting is operated in an automated manner or manually by pressing a button to stack the loaded shelf and bring in the next.

The basket placement is easier and safer by means of a fully automatic operation or semi-automatic operation according to the desired pace. The loading and unloading of products on our shelves or separators can also be ensured by hand or by means of an automatic button which then removes them and restores them directly from your production line without operator intervention.