Autoload Trays

Autoload Trays

The STERITECH Autoload Trays have been designed to eliminate any unnecessary manpower, accelerating the pasteurization or sterilization cycle of products in flexible and fragile packaging, but also ensure a quicker and homogeneous heat transfer within the products.

Simplify and automatise the continuous heat treatment
A superior alternative in all respects to conventional baskets, the Autoload Trays are primarily intended to automate the loading and unloading of your products into our of continuous pasteurization and sterilization systems equipped with the Inline Overpressure technology. The integrated automatic system of conveying, loading and unloading of trays ensures the link of constant flow between the SerialTower and your production lines. The carrier trays sent by an endless chain ensures the routing of products through the zones of heating, treatment and cooling before returning empty and ready to be loaded to their starting point.

A design-oriented thermal performance
Made from aluminum, the ultra light Autoload Trays are resistant to corrosion and have high conductivity. An Ideal solution for transferring heat stored under the lower side of goods transported, they are pierced with several holes to enable sprayed water to drain on one side of the tray. The umbrella effect is thus totally suppressed and the heat distribution by conduction or condensation is perfectly optimized.

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