Flexi Cassette

Flexi Cassette

No more waiting time, cold storage, manpower to load or unload your autoclaves, STERITECH Flexi Cassette swing trays automatically carry all your products through our large volume and high speed continuous hydrostatic systems.

For fastest and most economic pasteurisation or sterilisation
Made from stainless steel, the Flexi Cassette swing trays contain up to 10 kg of products and are suitable for all types of packaging, from the most solid to the most flexible and fragile. They are automatically loaded and unloaded in our Hydrostatic Overpressure continuous systems by means of the integrated system of conveying, loading or unloading in link of constant flow with your production lines.

Maximise the heat transfer within the products
The STERITECH Flexi Cassette swing trays have been designed for optimal penetration of heat into the products. The grid design promotes uniform condensation of steam on all products transported and thus more uniform transfer of heat without the risk of formation of cold zone. Similarly, the PowerSpray sprinkler system can ensure better coverage of your products and a more homogenous treatment on their different sides.

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