Online Control

Online Control

By means of the STERITECH Online Control, pasteurizing and sterilizing of your products becomes easier, friendlier and totally secure. Now you can remote manage your VAP'O and VAP'R autoclaves or your SerialTower, COP and CHS continuous systems, as if on site.

Full and secure remote handling
Secure online access by username and password enables you to have all the features offered locally by the SteriControl software and the SIEMENS control and command system with WinCC supervision. A simple web connection and a modem are sufficient to ensure the optimal functioning of your STERITECH equipment: real-time control of all parameters of current programs, view of archived curves and recipes, by programming the new ones, be alerted automatically for the corrections provided by the system to meet the programmed values, manage the access ... In short everything is possible, simple and effective.

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