Optimal Fo Control

Optimal Fo Control

The Optimal Fo Control is a STERITECH exclusivity designed to pasteurize or sterilize your packaged foods and products most simply in the world and completely automatically. Just enter the Fo value for the products to be pasteurized or sterilized so that VAP'O or VAP'R our autoclaves adjust, in real time, the temperature, pressure and back pressure according to the actual values measured in the tank but also at the heart your products. The Optimal Fo Control is especially recommended for all sensitive products, by respecting to the nearest degree the temperature ideal for treating your products without altering the texture, flavor or colour.

An ultra-precise adjustment of all parameters at each stage of the cycle
Our thermocouple probes are suitable for all types and forms of packaging, from the most flexible to the most rigid and measure in real time the changes in temperature at the heart of the products. This essential information is in addition to measurements of temperature, pressure and back pressure performed by the other probes and sensors placed in the tank. Our PID regulator also adjusts in real time all the process parameters, by initiating corrective actions to rectify deviations and follow the values programmed at each stage of the cycle.

Information, traceability and permanent safety
Our software SteriControl supervision software based on SCADA industrial PC or Win CC SIEMENS alerts you of any possible deviation and keeps you constantly informed of corrective actions implemented automatically. By using the Optimal Fo Control, the pasteurization or sterilization of packaged foods and products becomes simpler, more transparent and secure, ensuring highest quality and treatment speed with complete traceability.

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