Pack Sensor

Pack Sensor

By means of the STERITECH Pack Sensor, you can now pasteurize or sterilize all your products with complete confidence and with the assurance of always maintaining the highest integrity of their packaging, from the most solid to the most flexible and fragile. This system patented by STERITECH enables to precisely calibrate all parameters of the cycle as well as the levels of back pressure required based on the products to be sterilized or pasteurized. This ultra-precise calibration is done at the time of defining or optimizing your recipes prior to any production, to be able to then guarantee the perfect compliance with this optimum configuration during operation.

The perfect preservation of all your packaging
Pack Sensor detects the slightest attempt at distortion product packaging during treatment and informs the control system that adapts the back pressure instantly to prevent any alteration. The values of temperature and backpressure are thus optimized at each stage of the cycle to ensure an impeccable treatment and perfect integrity of the different packages. Our exclusive Intelligent Sensor system is perfect for all your types, sizes and forms of packaging, whether solid or flexible and fragile: aluminum or plastic trays, pouches...

A real-time responsiveness to ensure flawless quality and safety
By means of the Pack Sensor, the PID regulation of our Steam /Air and Steam/water spray autoclaves can react in real time to fluctuations in internal pressure due to temperature variations. Values pasteurization or sterilization values are then attained more quickly and with all safety, enabling significant economies of water, steam and energy, while preserving the flavor and palatability of your food.


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