Power Spray

Power Spray

The patented PowerSpray sprinkler system of STERITECH greatly improves the quality, speed and uniformity of heat transfer within your products, a key to significant water and energy savings. This global exclusivity places the VAP'O autoclaves and COP and CHS continuous systems of STERITECH at the top of the market, providing an effective response to problems that many problems which the rival immersion or runoff water autoclaves face.

Ultra-economic vaporization under pressure
By means of the PowerSpray vaporization, the amount of water needed to ensure effective sterilization or pasteurization of your products is divided by 2 or 3 compared to the immersion or water runoff autoclaves. The pressure of 1 bar prevents clogging of the nozzles due to hardness of water or possibly suspended particles, simplifying maintenance and reducing the frequency of cleaning of our VAP'O autoclaves and COP and CHS continuous systems.

Designed to homogenize the heat transfer
The PowerSpray sprinkler system of STERITECH removes the umbrella effect originating from the stacking of products in baskets, also removing imperfections specific to water run-off autoclaves. The exclusive design of the nozzles enables to spray the product with a cross jet always perfectly directed, ensuring a uniform heat treatment of all of your products. The nozzles are arranged on ramps located at the top and sides of our VAP'O autoclaves as well as over the entire height of the tank of our continuous vertical SerialTower, COP and CHS systems. The hot or cold water sprayed under pressure on the exposed surfaces of the products enables faster penetration of heat always perfectly homogenous.

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