Pressure Preheating

Pressure Preheating

The Pressure Preheating is a STERITECH innovation meant to accelerate the temperature rise and thus ensure a constantly very high quality of pasteurization or sterilization for all types of products and foods or packaging.

A better heat distribution
In any conventional autoclave and despite ventilation, the air injected by nature tends to stagnate at the bottom of the tank because of its much higher density than steam. The exclusive patented STERITECH preheating system can inject compressed air at the same temperature as that prevailing in the tank, thus optimizing the distribution of heat combined with steam and air.

A shorter cycle time, and highest quality of treatment
Thus by increasing the miscibility of the injected air, the back pressure responds more effectively to the slightest variations in temperature. The temperature rise becomes much faster, without risk of thermal shock and respecting fully the integrity of all your packaging. By means of STERITECH Pressure Preheating, you will achieve significant savings of water and energy.

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