Remote Service

Remote Service

By means of the Remote Service, we can ensure the remote maintenance of STERITECH autoclaves and continuous systems installed and connected to your lines. You benefit from ongoing support that enables us to work remotely to ensure you a constant optimal operation.

Maintain a seamless operation
STERITECH can thus remote handle your equipment for pasteurization or sterilization by viewing, modifying, or intervening in real time on all their parameters, just like you can do it yourself online with our Online Control system. Nevertheless, you can always remain the decision maker by accepting our decision handling only when you want. Beyond these periods for which you can decide, our installed equipment remains accessible only to you, absolute safety inevitable.

A remote maintenance that saves you time
Beyond the remote creation or programming of new recipes, STERITECH can also diagnose, adjust and act on various key elements such as valves, sensors and probes, etc... But we can also access the views and screens you have to configure them just as you like, and the PC's memory, the history of actions and interventions made by you or any other parameter. Our remote support instantly solves most problems, if any, originating for example from a handling error. And if the intervention of one of our technicians proved nonetheless indispensable, the online diagnosis would enable him to travel with all the necessary parts for possible repairs.

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