Rocking System

Rocking System

The STERITECH Rocking the System is a stirring system for autoclave unique in the world designed for optimal heat penetration in products and perfectly suited to all types, sizes and forms of packaging. The Rocking System is an alternative to conventional rotary or shaking systems in the market which do not have the same flexibility as the STERITECH system.

A completely homogenous and faster treatment
The Rocking the System is a stirring system with rocking which provides an optimum miscibility within the treated products. Our principle of stirring ensures a more homogenous distribution of heat within each product, regardless of its viscosity, with an equally effective result, but smoother than the shaking systems. Rocking System of stirring prevents any cold spots and greatly shortens the cycle time, while simplifying the maintenance of our autoclaves.

A rocking system which preserves all your packaging better
Compared to rotary systems, the Rocking the System treats more products by operation by optimizing the storage space in the autoclave. Compared to systems of stirring by shaking, the Rocking System is suitable for all types of packaged products, including packages sensitive to shocks such as the glass may crack or break in contact with each other with the stirring by shaking systems.

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