Turbo Fan

TurboFan is a STERITECH exclusivity designed to accelerate and standardize the distribution of heat to all areas of the tank of our Steam/ Air autoclaves. Most competitors use autoclaves traditional fans from which flow can be directed though accurately, and which cannot thus avoid swirls and eddies of the hydraulic laws, conducive to cold zones.

A uniform heat distribution with no cold zone
Unlike conventional ventilation systems, the reverse flow forced ventilation turbine of STERITECH directs its flow perfectly on all products. By sucking the steam from one end to another of the tank instead of pulsating it, the TurboFan system avoids the problems of turbulence and eddies. Thermal diffusion hence becomes perfectly homogeneous in all parts of the tank and removes any risk of cold spots.

A double wall that directs the flow and reduces heat losses
So that the brewing of steam is actually more efficient and homogeneous, the Steam Air autoclaves of STERITECH have a double jacket with a principle of air flow sheet, allowing the turbine to push back the flow of steam from one end of the tank to another without ever interfering with the suction flow. The sucked steam always passes forcedly through all the products in tanks, thus optimizing the heat transfers and reducing heat losses.

Cooling faster and more efficient than the Steam Air autoclaves in the market
The TurboFan ventilation turbine is not only suited to moist environments, but at the same time it ensures the circulation of steam, compressed air as well as  condensates recycled bottom of the tank during the cooling phase. This unique ability to circulate the condensates mixed with cold water to spray them on all the products can drastically speed up the cooling phase and achieve significant energy savings.

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