VariFlex System

VariFlex System

The conventional hydrostatic systems have a pressure and a maximum temperature set in production, where treating different products increases the cost of the installation as well as its consumption of water and energy, by imposing a high number and height of columns to reach the highest values, required by only a minority of products.

An unparalleled flexibility and economies
The Variflex patent of STERITECH removes these limitations and enables pasteurizing and sterilizing your different product lines with a single ultra-compact installation, the most productive and profitable in the market. Pushing the limits of conventional hydrostatic technology, this patented innovation gives our Hydrostatic Overpressure continuous systems an unmatched flexibility allowing you to save tens or even hundreds of thousands of Euros per year.

A process at the peak of innovation
By enabling to modify the path and therefore the time of exposure to heat treatment of products without altering their rate of entry and exit, it becomes possible to treat different products with a single configuration, less high, less bulky and therefore more economical. A limited number of columns of low height will hence suffice, where all other continuous hydrostatic system requires 15 to 25 meters of height, with quantities of water and energy far superior hoping for a similar yield. The STERITECH Variflex System thus revolutionizes the continuous pasteurization and sterilization in large volume and high speed for packaged foods.

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