CHP® and CHS®, revolutionary

The most productive, flexible and economical continuous systems for sterilising with back-pressure all types of products and packaging, from most rigid to finest and most flexible...


STERITECH services designed to better sterilize and pasteurizeTo be able to offer the most productive, profitable and economic autoclaves and continuous systems for sterilisation and pasteurisation in the market, STERITECH has implemented a set of know-how, services and competencies covering every link in our production chain from upstream to downstream.

This human and technological expertise and the close relationships we have built with our customers are the keys to our innovation capability enabling us to design today the most reliable, cost effective and efficient solutions in the market for sterilization and pasteurization

A significant R & D budget
Innovating constantly, pushing the technological limits and proposing economically and ecologically superior solutions that no other manufacturer is able to offer, has always been our core concerns for over 25 years.

The concept of a customised prototype
Studying your needs, products and production environment enables us to custom design such sterilisation and pasteurisation equipment, perfectly calibrated to meet all your demands.

The most stringent controls and standards
Our laboratory validation of proper functioning of your autoclaves and continuous systems even before producing them, by testing and programming the recipes you use, secures the success of your project even before its implementation.

A flawless manufacturing and integration
Manufactured and then custom tailored, our heat treatment equipment offer a guarantee of constantly optimal operation, from their integration and commissioning in your production sites.

A maximum service for seamless operation
Less maintenance and our policy of zero defect does not refrain us from also offering a 24/24 hours and 7 /7 days assistance and all necessary advice never to interrupt your operations and immediately deal with any accident or failure