Engineering and design

Engineering and design of continuous systems and autoclaves for sterilization and pasteurizationEvery project always starts by a detailed analysis and audit of your requirements, products, methods and production environment.

Dedicated project team

Our dedicated project team is going to work closely with your different departments and collaborators to collect and analyse all this data and to offer to you an accurate schematic and development planning, conforming in all points to your needs and expectations.

The qualification group thus constituted is going to follow and validate each step of the manufacturing process and design uptill integration and commissioning.

Tailor-made design

Our tailor-made design methodology leaves no room for error so that you can guarantee under all circumstances the levels of performance, reliability and highest safety, of course, in full compliance with most stringent standards and regulations.

We conduct all necessary hydraulic, energy, mechanical and electrical studies work required and draw-up the technical specification detailing all the functionalities, mechanisms, controls and safety features expected as well as the processes, controls, automatisms and methods to be implemented. Our phased planning according to the GANTT method and HACCP system implemented from the design cycle time enables to ensure a subsequent operation of your equipment which is always optimal, with full traceability.

3D modeling

Your future autoclave or continuous system is modeled in 3D in its smallest detail by our engineers on our CAD on the PTC Pro Engineer software platforms. Your equipment can from then be viewed from all angles and its mechanisms, constraints, heat flows and exchanges tested and optimized within the same virtual system. Thermal mapping performed allows us to optimize the layout and operation of any of its components (valves, probes, sensors, heat exchangers...) before its manufacture.