Manufacturing and integration

Production and integration of autoclaves and continuous systems for sterilization and pasteurizationSTERITECH ensures the manufacturing of your autoclaves and continuous systems in its production plant located at Saverne in France.

A solid industrial know-how

Our production teams are made up of specialised engineers, hydraulic engineers, boiler makers, pipefitters and electricians who ensure the manufacture and assembly of your autoclaves and continuous systems.

The manufacturing plant is organized by business workshops, all equipped with latest hardware. A large storage space helps to ensure continuous availability of materials, components and accessories needed for production or maintenance of your autoclave and continuous systems.

Compliance with the highest standards and qualifications

Your equipment are assembled, calibrated, programmed and configured in accordance with the product dossier, and then tested till excellence to meet all required standards CE, TUV, SVTI or ASME. Your autoclaves and the components of your continuous systems are then transported to the site to be installed and integrated on your production lines by our Integrator technicians.

We qualify our equipment on your production site by passing their smallest aspect through a fine-tooth comb (mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, piloting, documentation ...). We verify their perfect conformity with respect to the specifications and the DQ, OQ and EQ production environment, as well as their performance and reliability in real PQ situation, the empowerment of your operators and OP and MQ methods.

Perfectly optimized and integrated on your production lines, your new autoclave or continuous system is ready to commence operations and meet your highest expectations.