R&D and innovation

R & D and innovation in autoclaves and continuous systems for sterilization and pasteurizationSTERITECH annually invests heavily in Research & Development to design innovative systems for flexible packaging, solutions for the automation for all operations related to the pasteurization and sterilization, and software surpassing the most stringent documentary and safety requirements of food and pharmaceutical industries.

Develop innovative solutions

Born of the spirit of our researchers who are experts in industrial data processing, heat engineers, control engineers and electrical engineers, many of our innovations are revolutionizing the world each year from the autoclave and continuous systems:

  • SteriControl, the first software solution for control and supervision in the market dedicated to autoclaves and continuous systems, launched in 1988 and evolving constantly since then
  • Rocking System, the stirring system highly effective and least damaging for packagings sensitive to shocks than shaking systems
  • Optimal Fo Control which steers and optimises the cycle according to an Fo value that you program
  • Pack Sensor which ensures under all circumstances, the perfect integrity of all the different types of packagings, from the most rigid to the most flexible and fragile
  • TurboFan and the PowerSpray nozzles which accelerate and standardise the heat exchanges  
  • The Inline Overpressure and  Hydrostatic Overpressure technologies, state-of-art pertaining to efficiency, yield and economies with total automation and safety

A clear economic and ecological superiority

These product highlights and even others have found their place naturally within our ranges by giving to them a clear economic and ecological superiority as compared to other existing solutions in the market:

  • SerialTower, ultra-compact continuous sterilisation and pasteurisation system with back pressure dedicated to flexible packed products, whose performances and superiority related to economies and productivity have earned them the support of Eco-Innovation, official European authority responsible for selecting the most innovative projects related to sustainable development
  • COP and its Hydrostastic Overpressure technology, the first and only continuous system with back pressure in the world designed for high-speed pasteurisation of your different flexible packed products, the most compact, productive, profitable and economic in the market.