Technology Laboratory

Technology lab for autoclaves and continuous systems for sterilization and pasteurizationWe test and optimize the design and operation of all your autoclaves or continuous systems in our technology lab.

Validate and improve your recipes

Our pilot autoclaves  have been specifically designed for small scale reproduction of  any type of heat process (steam and water spray, air and steam ...) both in batch mode with an autoclave or static mode or with Rocking System stirring, or in continuous mode with or without backpressure for our COP, CHS and SerialTower systems...

We can thus calibrate your future equipment, validate or improve your programs and recipes, by sterilizing or pasteurizing your packaged products untill perfect optimization of the temperatures and pressure curves during each cycle phase are reached.

Set up and calibrate your equipment

We check the reliability of measurements carried out, calibrate each component of the system and customize its control and supervision interface according to the specifics and languages needed.

Every detail is scrutinized ahead of manufacturing your autoclave or continuous system to maximize the quality of treatment, effectively neutralizing the pathogens, preserving the taste and palatability of your food and ensuring the complete integrity of all your packaging, from the strongest to the most flexible and fragile ones.

We optimize the dwell time, temperature, pressure, sterilization, pasteurization and cooking values at heart or at the surface of your product to make your equipment the fastest, most efficient, productive and economical on the market.

Since they are independent units, the STERITECH pilot autoclaves are easily transportable on your production site, where you can even test and optimize your recipes yourself, before your new equipment is manufactured.